Content is King

If there is one thing that you simply cannot deny in this age of optimizing a website for the search engines and that is content is king when all other things are equal.

Keeping in line with my article about How to Make Money Online with a Blog, where I mentioned content and how important it is, I'm taking it forward in this article by exlaining why it is so important to get plenty of relevant, on-topic content onto your work at home sites and blogs in order to rank well for your chosen keywords in the search engine SERPs.

In fact it is so important that you should not be too concerned with grammar and spelling and going over and wasting valuable work at home opportunities by proof reading and correcting and re-correcting everything you write. The fact of the matter is, you want to make money from your site, and that means you need to attract organic search traffic and the only way to do that is to rank high in the SERPs period.

Keeping Up With the Joneses

content is kingSo satisfying the perfectionist needs of a whole bunch of social traffic readers by crossing every "t" and dotting every "i" might be highly commendable and earn you the respect of the writing fraternity, but it probably won't make you any darn money!

So you have to toss a coin and decide which it is, because it is a choice between the two and never the twain shall meet.

You can't have a great reader base and feed subscriber base running into the hundreds or even thousands if they are all savvy marketers themselves, because guess what? They ain't gonna click your ads!

And when people who visit your site don't click your ads you do not make money. So you might work at home spending long hours on your literary masterpieces but you're going hungry!

Satisfying your Hobby

OK, maybe you're not starving if you have income from other sources and writing online is just a hobby. In that case, you should do the best you can and get those readers and feed subscribers, because it's a great hobby to have and you'll make lots of friends online.

But if your main goal is to make money while you work in your PJs from an office in your home, then you need a somewhat different approach. You need to NOT attract other marketers to your site, NOT procure a huge feed subscriber base and NOT write well!

You need to attract real visitors made up of members of Joe Public and those that are looking for answers to their questions or products they can buy. Real people become real customers especially if you give them what they want.

Tone it Down a Little

By writing a little off colour and not quite providing all the information you could do but still writing a whole lot of stuff that is highly relevant to your niche and has a good percentage of your keywords within the text, but not so much that it becomes keyword stuffing, you satisfy the search engines need for lots of fresh, new, original content which will help your site or blog up the SERPs ladder in order to attract organic search traffic.


Organic search traffic WILL click on your ads and ergo earn you some cash for your work at creating substantial relevant content for your site. If that makes sense to you (and it should) then at least this post will not have you shaking your head and going away thinking "That bloke just wrote a bunch of garbage and I wasted my time reading it!"

Because you didn't waste your time is the basic moral of this story. It is highly useful to you if your goal is to make money from working online while you keep things simple and enjoy what you are doing while you work at home.

Using some basic SEO to help things along is always a good idea as long as you stay within the bounds of a search engine's quality guidelines. And invest in the best host you can afford for your website so you get the max in terms pof uptime and page load speed to keep those SE's happy!

I'll return in another article based around this subject with a load more information because it's such a huge subject that it simply cannot realistically be squeezed into a single a page or two. So there's more to follow later.