Task Analysis

Let's analyze what it means to be a true nomad in today's modern civilized world where everyone is expected to two the line and live by the rules.

For a free thinker most of the rules are little more than a thinly veiled attempt by those in power to subjugate and suppress the natural leanings of a creative and growing human being.

We still do our best to live by those rules, since breaking them is tantamount to breaking the law rather than embrace blind justice or be a PC chap. But we also try to blend ourselves into the spirit of what our laws are trying to achieve while not succumbing to total immersion in their precepts as most of the common herd is expected to and does.


The major outcomes of my project are to inspire a feeling of
community among global nomads and other internationally minded net
travelers and to encourage them to participate in the further development
of a valued global community.

What sub-outcomes/questions need to be addressed in order
to bring about a virtual community that will inspire feelings of
belonging and a will to further the development of the community?

NOTE: I am defining community as a place where people
feel they belong and can interact, learn from, and help one another. It
is also a place where people can come to barter or otherwise give and
receive goods, services and information. It is an interactive place
where individuals can effect change and development.

NOTE2: I will not pretend to have all the answers to the
development of this community but am primarily concerned with creating a
structure that others will be interested in developing further.



What will bring a feeling of community /"home-town" for global nomads?

A. Explain what a "global nomad" is as compared to other international people.

  1. Official definition (hyper-text link to official gopher page)
  2. Have the "Global Nomad Test" (web page questions)
  3. Have other similar groups such as refugees, hyper-text linked to a web page definition (and possible other links of interest to people who fall under that category)

B. Explain why this global nomad community would be important to global nomads

  1. One place they can return to from most anywhere in the world.(GNVV home page at www.gni.org)
  2. A place where they are celebrated and in the majority.
  3. A place where they may be able to find there long lost friends.
    • a. Have an alphabetized list of GNI members by last name
      1. with e-mail address
      2. with www-home page
      3. with actual street address
    • b. Have links to GN Alumni Groups
    1. 1 invite them to set up a "house image" in the village (icon with a link to there site or allow them to buy space on gni.org).
  4. A place where they can make new friends who will react positively to the experiences common for global nomads.
    • a. Organize people into lists based on common interests and acitvites.
      1. Out door activities
        • a. biking
        • b. hiking
        • c. scuba-diving
      2. Sports
        • a. Soccer
        • b. Softball
        • c. Tennis
        • d. Volleyball
      3. Prose/Poetry
        • a. Writing Prose
        • b. Writing Poetry
      4. Traveling

C. Define what a GNV-Villager is (web-page)

  1. definition (web-page)
  2. membership form (web-form)
  3. List of rights and responsibilities
  4. Sign up forms
    • a. The village vote (mailing-list)
    • b. Volunteer forms (web-form)

D. A place where they can actively participate

  1. Give feedback about what they liked and didn't. (e-mail, web-form)
  2. volunteer (web-form and e-mail address)
  3. express there opinions (web-forms)
    • a. Great global nomad songs
    • b. Great global nomad Movies
    • c. Great global nomad poetry
    • d. Great global nomad stories
    • e. Great global nomad stories
    • f. Great global nomad quotes


What are some of the goods and services that can be found in the Global Nomad Virtual Village (GNVV).

A. Listing of citys/countries and the e-mail addresses of GN's that:

  1. Are living there now
  2. Have lived there
  3. Are willing to be a tour-guide for a day
  4. Are willing to host a visitor for 2 nights.

B. Have a "Bazaar" section

  1. A newsgroup that anyone can post to
  2. The GNI Shop (web page shop)
    • a. Buy Global Nomad T-shirts
    • b. Buy Global Nomad Literature
  3. Paid advertising Section (web page shop)
    1. Travel out fitters
    2. Travel Agencies

C. Help Global Nomads Find old and new Friends

  1. Have an alphabetized list of GNVV members by last name (web-pages with hyper-text links to their personal home pages if available)
    1. with e-mail address
    2. with www-home page
    3. with actual street address
  2. Have links to GN Alumni Groups and related organizations (web-page list with hyper-text links to their home pages)
    1. invite them to set up a "house image" in the village.
    2. invite them to have a representative on the tribal council
  3. Organize people into lists based on common interests and acitvites. (separate web-page lists of e-mail addresses hyper-linking to individuals home-pages)
  4. For Example brian@gnvv.org would appear in lists of gnv-villagers interested in biking and in volleyball and I would also be on the mailing list gnvv-outdoor and gnvv-sports)

    1. Out door activities
      • a. biking
      • b. hiking
      • c. scuba-diving
    2. Sports
      • a. Soccer
      • b. Softball
      • c. Tennis
      • d. Volleyball
    3. Prose/Poetry
      • a. Writing Prose
      • b. Writing Poetry

D. Have a "Research Center"

  1. A group of Basic documents (all GNV-villagers should know) (links to documents)
    1. A list of research questions (web-page)
    2. A place where students can send Papers (a list of e-mail addresses)
    3. A place where GN papers can be viewed based on
      1. Subject (link to a document database)
      2. Subject and Academic level of writer (a link to a document data base)
    4. Place where people can participate in surveys (web-form)

E. Have a News Center

  1. GNVV-newswall (listserv) where anyone can post an announcement.
  2. Special announcements (web/gopher page) where important and time sensitive announcements can be put up by the GNVV Architect if deemed appropriate by the "Tribal Council".
  3. Posting of Portions of the Latest GNI Quarterly (web page).


How to enable the further development of a global nomad community (throughout the world; and not just virtually?

A. Explain the general structure that exists.

  1. The Decision making groups
    • a. The GNVV Architects council (an exclusive mailing-list whose members include: the Internet provider, the President of GNI, volunteer experts, people who financial sponsor a major section or service and the GNVV's Internet Architect) (( GNVV-AC@gni.org ))
    • b. The Global Nomad Tribal Council (exclusive mailing-list of those non-profit groups that have direct links from and to this home page, major content providers, collegiate web-masters and the members of the Internet Architects Council) ((GNVV-COUNCIL@gni.org))
    • c. The "Village Vote" (a non-exclusive mailing-list that any GNV-villager can sign on to) ((GNVV-VOTE@gni.org))
  2. The Rights and Responsibilities of a GNV-Villager
    • a. Rights and Responsibilities (web-page with hyper-text links)
    • b. Honesty pledge (web-form)(
  3. A village map (bitmap image of the village divided into major functions or in lynx a list of the major functions)
    • a. Welcome gate and definitions
    • b. GNVV membership and Special Services
    • c. GNI membership and Administration
    • d. Social quarter
    • e. GN Group and Individual listings
    • f. Research Center
    • d. News and publications
    • e. The Barter Bazaar and "shops"
    • f. Village Development and Feedback

B. Explain the ideas for the future.

  1. Have a wish list of projects
    • a. Small wishes (to be done in a few hours).
      1. a gif of a gate
      2. typing in an article
    • b. Major Undertakings
      1. Volunteering to do accounting for gni at tax time.
      2. Volutering to maintain lists

C. How and Why to Join GNI

  1. Forward By the President (web-page)
  2. Mission statement (gopher link)
  3. GNI Brochure of Benefits (Web-page)
  4. Membership form and Pledge form (web-form)

D. How to make a Contribution for the growth of

  1. This web site (Fill out e-mail pledge forms)
    • a. Challenge contributions
      1. $1.00 per megabyte of info you like
      2. $10.00 for a small wish list suggestion
      3. $100.00 for a large wish suggestion
    • b. $10.00 to have your resume/home-page linked ( $1.00 per megabyte of info you want resident at gni.org)
    • c. $100.00 to have your organization linked ( $1.00 per megabyte of info you want resident at gni.org)
    • d. Any amount of Monetary gift for
      1. The Internet provider
      2. The Internet Architect
      3. The internet laborers
    • e. Sponsor the development of any service or branch
  2. GNI gift to continue : (fill out pledge form)
    • a. For The Internet Provider
    • b. For the internet architect
    • c. For the Staff of GNI
    • D. For the GNI Quarterly
    • e. For Scholarships/prizes for research
    • f. For office supplies
    • g. For new equipment
    • h. general funds

E. Explain how to give feedback (web page and form)

  1. Feed back on corrections that need to be made
  2. Positive Feedback
  3. Ideas for social growth
  4. Ideas for technical growth
  5. Policy questions
  6. Question for the Internet Architect
  7. Question/ suggestion for the GNI President
  8. Ideas for new links
  9. Business / financial suggestions
  10. Comments/suggestions on the grand plan

"What you can do or dream
you can, begin it;

Boldness has genius, power
and magic in it!