Discover some of what you need to know about the GNVV right here on this page. We're a non-profit organization dedicated to providing information on the nomad lifestyle and how we can all get together to help one another to lead a better way of life in true freedom!

Welcome to The Central Plaza!

We do apologize for the "construction" that is going on which may limit where you can go. But on the up side, if you would like to make suggestions about links or content, VOLUNTEER or have one of your pictures used to improve the Global Nomad Virtual Village this is a great time to do so. You can check out the grand plan in the GNVV-Development Office to see where things are headed. We are very open to change so please do fill in the feedback box if you have an idea or would just like to volunteer. If there is a problem with anything you can also send a message via E-mail to info@gnvv.org .

Click on any underlined text or boxed images to hyperlink to more information From here you can go any where in the village easily just by consulting the GNVV Plaza List below and clicking on that section.

Plaza List

If you are a global nomad organization or believe you fit into one of the areas below then send us a picture of your "House" and your URL and will link you to our page.

GNVV Charter

For more information, check out our other pages as well as our Contact page if you need to get in touch with us.