To give you a better understanding of what we are all about and what certain terms mean, here is a collection of Global Nomad related definitions to help you.

Who is a Global Nomad?

A Global nomad is anyone who has ever lived abroad before adulthood because of a parent’s occupational choice (with for, example, the diplomatic corps, religious or non-governmental missions, international business) or whose parents were/are abroad independently for career purposes.

These include: TCKs, MKs, Hidden Immigrants, Military Brats, Business Kids, Dip kids

Other internationally-minded persons:

What is the Point of This?

The whole point of putting this together is to bring people together who share a common, albeit uncommon upbringing that sets them apart from most "normal" statically raised people. We were denied the stability of staying in one place, maybe living in the one family home for all of our childhood maybe even right up to the day we fled the nest to go it alone.

We never started and finished our schooling at the same brick and mortar school in the same town with a bunch of friends that were always there. We didn't have the same neighbors living nearby or familiar streets to walk along.

We're different in that we never had that kind of stable, static upbringing. We moved away from our hometowns and even our countries of birth to grow up in a foreign land with perhaps different cultures and traditions to contend with.

However, in the main I personally consider this kind of upbringing to be far superior in that it gifted us with greater tolerance of different cultures and races, a more balanced and expanded view of the world. This is what I myself have noted being a major difference in myself when I compare the way I see the world to those that had a static upbringing and a common trait of holding a narrow view of the world and far less tolerance for different peoples and their cultures.

Of course people are different no matter where they live and how they were raised. But I firmly believe that the world would be far better if more people got to experience more of it when they were kids than do at present. Each to their own, of course!


It's always a good idea to have some external resources to back thing up and use as reference. Here are some sites that apply the concept of creating an income for their owner and setting the scene for that owner being able to live a digital nomad lifestyle!